4 Factors To Consider When Redesigning Your Website

//4 Factors To Consider When Redesigning Your Website

4 Factors To Consider When Redesigning Your Website


Are you thinking of revamping your website?  Is it time to do so?  They say that a website needs a face lift every 2 years to increase traffic and conversion. No matter how appealing your website may look, if it does not contain the pages of the information the readers are searching for, then it won’t matter much.  If you think you are losing business and revenue and your website does not give you much help in leads and conversions, it’s about time to consider redesigning your website, not only because of purely aesthetic reasons but because of the changing nature of your business.

With advances in technology, the internet has become an effective and powerful platform in doing business.  To promote our products and services, we need a good website to attract and engage our customers.  A good website must be easy to navigate, quick to load and must have rich content and eye-catching designs. Moreover, it must adapt to the changing trends and functionality.

Here are helpful factors to consider before you decide a makeover on your website:

1. SEO should be the main concern. Before having your website redesigned, it is best to examine its functionality and performance, example, the monthly average number of unique visitors to your website and  keywords that perform well in driving traffic, lead generation  and page ranking. If your website’s search engine ranking is disappointingly low and is not getting the results from your search engine optimization strategy,  most likely your website was not designed for SEO structuring and ranking. It’s time to redesign the whole website for a better sound SEO strategy. Your website should have optimized content that should get better page results on search engines using the right keywords.

If you are not familiar with SEO, hire an SEO service company to assist in the website redesign.

2. Content should always be king. Your content should always be up-to-date, relevant to your vision for your brand and current so that it can maintain or improve its rankings and online success.  You need to rewrite the contents, as well, if you are redesigning your website.  It should have sound copywriting principles that clearly convey your brand. During your redesign, consider a more versatile Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress.

3. Have the right web designer. A Philippine web designer designs website that sells from the creation of the brand to marketing. Before engaging the services of one, take a look at their portfolio and arrange a meeting with them.  It is wise to maybe talk to more than one designer for a better choice.

4. The world is going mobile and so must you.  More and more users are accessing the website through mobile devices and if you don’t optimize your website for tablet and mobile, then you may be losing a significant chunk of the market.  Your redesign plan should include a responsive, user-friendly and effective mobile interface and your website should be viewed optimally on all types of devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets for a wider market and audience reach.

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