A Marketing Tool Called Website

//A Marketing Tool Called Website

A Marketing Tool Called Website

An executive in a company loves to use the word dynamic.  It is no surprise because he is part of the marketing team.  I am not sure if he knows that a website, aside from being a marketing tool, is also a dynamic tool to acquire clients from the internet because obviously the company has a website but is not being utilized for aggressive marketing.

From the observations of many experts, a lot of companies, executives, marketing people, or individuals who have their own businesses, do not realize the importance of a website to their businesses.  Unlike the traditional marketing strategies where a salesman, or sales agent go house-to-house to market their products, a website can be used as marketing tool where buyers, or customers, are the ones going to you to find what products they are specifically looking for.  This is because of accessibility or the ability of a website to be online and accessible 24 hours every day.

Furthermore, unlike having an advertising arm, which composes of a few, if not a lot of, people, a website can be manned with fewer individuals but can deliver the marketing results more than what an advertising arm can do, and with lesser costs, if established right.  Indeed, a website is a low-cost marketing or advertising tool, and this further provides evidence to the importance of a website.

It takes an effort of a whole department or branch, or a group of people to also establish a product and to institute credibility of a company or organization.  A website can assist with this goal, too.  With the many strategies to boost visibility and advertise business in the internet, a website is an effective tool to achieve these goals.  Take the examples of successful websites in the Philippines like Sulit.com.ph,  Ayos Dito, Lazada Philippines, Cebu Pacific, and Ebay Philippines.  Anyone can see how the web presence of these organizations had benefited and had been benefiting them because of their established websites that are professionally designed, accessible and flexible.

What that executive mentioned earlier is missing is the opportunity to have a powerful marketing tool in the form of a website.  A website is truly important nowadays in making an impression and perception that an organization means business.  It does not even matter if a business is large, medium or small scale because the internet is a leveling field.  The size of a company or organization does not even matter as long as the website is gaining traffic or is ranking at Google, and is gaining profit from it.

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