A Responsive Website Means Promising Business Returns

//A Responsive Website Means Promising Business Returns

A Responsive Website Means Promising Business Returns

Starting with the 20 Reasons to Start Your Own Business, Mike Templeman mentioned that probably the biggest reason to start one’s own business is financial independence.  It actually is a plausible cause along with the rest.

To start business nowadays, however, be it home-based, small, medium or large, it is a necessity to have an effective and a responsive website.  A website now is a marketing tool together with the other techniques being used to acquire market for the products or services being sold online.   Add to the fact that it is a low-cost tool.  It also helps in boosting visibility and advertising in the internet.

But how can a website, a responsive one to boot, bring earnings, or give promising business returns?

It is not enough for an entrepreneur to just have a website.  The internet is a pool of freebies where thousands of available websites are ready to use.  Online business does not work that way though.  Everything has to be planned including the website that will be used for the business.  That is where a responsive website is needed.

Back to the question on how a responsive website will bring promising business returns.  There are things to be contemplated on to realize this claim:

  • The internet environment is changing.   Responsive websites are preferred over mobile templates now because of the advantages:
  • only one website is needed that adjusts to the size of any screen
  • it is preferred by Google bot where it could be easier for it to crawl the website
  • it is good for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Users are revolutionizing.  In the statistics from Smart Insights last January, 2015, more than half of local searches were performed in a mobile device in 2012, and over 20% of Google searches are performed in a mobile device.  The desktop users are overcome by mobile searches.  If you do not have a responsive website, you do not have a chance to win over these new set of potential customers, buyers, or visitors.
  • There is a demand for best user experience.  An online entrepreneur cannot afford to frustrate and loose a user because his or her website takes a long time to load, or does not find what he or she is looking for.  Users nowadays are that demanding that a study from Google’s Think Insights revealed that there is a 61% chance for a user to leave if the experience is poor, and a 67% chance of them buying or using the service because of a positive experience.  A responsive website can give this assurance of seamless experience.
  • A clearer forecast of promising business returns.  Maintaining a responsive website saves money.  An online businessman may have to initially spend a lot for a well-crafted responsive website but in the long term, he or she saves a lot because only one website will be maintained. With a mobile template, another website or subdomain has to be managed and maintained.  Imagine the costs it will entail sticking to this option.

With these things in mind, how can one not conclude that a responsive website means promising business returns?  It is becoming a trend so it is imperative to convert your business website to a responsive one.

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