Do You Need A Personal Website?

//Do You Need A Personal Website?

Do You Need A Personal Website?

Do You Need A Personal Website

Websites are normally required for business, but have you ever considered a personal website?  Do you really need one?  Perhaps you may ask, “Who would be interested in my website, anyway?”  “Why would they contact me?”

Wikipidia defines a personal website as a set of  “personal web pages or World Wide Web pages created by an individual to contain content of a personal nature rather than on behalf of a company, organization or institution.”  It contains information such as your resume, family genealogy and exhibits content such as blogs that tells about your ideas, interests, thoughts, skills, friends, family, hobbies or things that you feel strongly about.

Personal websites offer a lot of advantages and benefits.

  1. Having a resume in black and white with no picture won’t give you an opportunity to stand out from among the rest.  They say that resumes are now on its way to obsolescence.  A personal website, on the other hand, would showcase more about yourself, giving you a more defined personal branding needed to boost your career.
  2. Any updates on your personal information can easily be done in your website; there is no need to reprint a copy to give out. All you need to do is provide them your website URL so that your readers can go back and keep them updated.
  3. Your contacts, those who would like to search you up online, can easily locate you through your website. They can also have your email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other pertinent information all at the same time.
  4. You can build your online presence through your website which can reach more people globally that you can’t meet personally.
  5. Having your own website can open more doors to bigger opportunities that you may least expect to happen. Bigger opportunities may include new projects and collaborations.
  6. Personal web pages are primarily used for entertainment or information purposes. It can also be a tool for social networking, career marketing or personal expression.
  7. All of us want to share our passion and creativity with the world. Your website can serve as the best platform to show your prospective employers or clients the topics that you may be interested in for your own blogs that would help in your personal branding.
  8. If you don’t have the technical know-how in setting up your personal website, you can get the services of New York Web Designer. They  can create and build your website in a jiffy at an affordable price.


Your personal website can be the eyes to your soul.  Start with something simple in design but with powerful content such as your resume, a bio and contact information. You can discuss about anything personal in your life as  long as it is relevant and professional.  A website that projects professionalism lends some credibility to your clients or employers.

Set up a personal website now, share it with the world and tell the people who you are!

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