How To Write Great Content On Websites

//How To Write Great Content On Websites

How To Write Great Content On Websites

How To Write Great Content On Websites

The content is the important part of the website to attract more people to go to your website.  This means that your writing should be compelling and engaging to gain traffic and leads and boost your SEO rankings.

For a start, determine your goals for the website.  What “call to action” do you want the visitors to your website take? Do you want them to get in touch with you to get more information?  Do you want them to buy your products?  Do you want them to view your portfolio? Do you want them to get more information by filling out an online form wherein your reply goes to their email inbox?

There are different goals which you can use for the website, but the most important one is to drive your visitors to take these actions.

The second step is to know your target audience, their ages, educational level, etc.

The third step of your writing process is to create a site map.  This is simply an outline of the information that you want to be seen on the website. It usually has 5-7 main categories with sub-categories The purpose of the sub-categories is to better organize the content for the reader to quickly go over and understand.

The following are tips for writing great content:

1. Write original content. Search engines will give your site more exposure if the content is original.  Google penalizes sites containing duplicate content.  So, make sure to write worthy content for your website to improve your page ranking, attract visitors and turn them into customers.

2. Make sure to create strong headlines to get the reader’s interest and invite them to your website.  The titles of your blogs should be carefully chosen to include a keyword phrase.  Your readers find your titles or headlines first while searching and also through social engagement sites that is way titles are very important.  Headlines should be compelling enough to turn a browser into a reader.  Statistics from Copyblogger shows that 80% of browsers will read your headlines, but only 20% of these people will read the rest of your content.

3. Use call to action words.  Make it interactive and tell your readers what to do.  Keep the flow of information moving and engaging.

4. Use pictures, diagrams or videos to enhance the reader’s experience. Use only images that add value and avoid unnecessary stock photos.

5. Understand the needs and preferences of your readers. They want web content that is concise, direct and factual. They should be easy to skim and scan.  The content should center around the reader’s needs and not the writer’s.

6. Always update your website or blog. Make it your commitment.  Post at least 2 articles weekly since search engines don’t favor sites that aren’t regularly updated.  Sites that are updated regularly have more visitors.

If you are having difficulty developing your website and writing content for your website, you can always outsource the services of Philippine web designers or New York web designers. They can create great websites that will suit your needs and budget.

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