Know More About Websites By Using These Online Tools

//Know More About Websites By Using These Online Tools

Know More About Websites By Using These Online Tools


Oftentimes, we need to know more than what the website  meets the eye.   Questions pop up like who owns the website,  how do we get in touch with the owner,  what platform was used, etc.     With more and more advances in technology, we now have a plethora of online tools designed to get more information and details about a website.    Here they are:

1.  –  this tool provides you information on the domain and IP,  the contact address, phone number and email address of the owner of the website.  This is a free tool and you can search the whois database of all the popular domain registrars.

2. Whoishostingthis – this online tool lets you enter the URL of any website and shows you the hosting company of the website.  This is useful if you want to get the contact information of the company where the website is hosted.  You can also decide on the right hosting plan for you with an available  comparative data of hosting companies you can choose from.  It also provides you the plans, services and features the hosting providers offer.

3. –    you can use this tool to check if a particular blog or website can be accessible from other countries.    This tool has 30 monitoring stations worldwide which includes China and Turkey.   If the results show “100%  Packet Loss”, this means that the website can’t be accessible from that particular region.

4. – This tool contains a database that collects and analyzes legal complaints  against copyright infringements. It  can also provide a copy of a complaint letter against such a case.  Anyone can access the information and see the source of the removal of the contents in question online

5. –    This online tool  provides a comprehensive and detailed report of  your I.P address and any website. It further provides such information like the physical location of the website, the hosting provider and a history of any changes in the  IP address of a website and the DNS information.  It also indicates whether your IP is blacklisted or not.

6.  –   You can use this free analysis tool to check the extent of the popularity of a website on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter. Google +.   It provides data from the social networks, areas links and social bookmarks.  It can show the Pagerank from Google and the Web of Trust matrix and the links for any website.

7. – This is an effective tool that will help you to analyze the website of your competitor.  It will provide you the best keywords that people are using to search for a website and the site’s traffic.   You can also check the strategies, landing pages,  budget and advertising , link building,  organic  and paid searches of your competitor.  Upon knowing your  competitor’s  website rankings,  you can increase your chances of a higher ranking.

8. – This tool helps you find the mail service provider of a domain, the tracking widgets installed on a website and advertising partners.  This acts as a lead generation, website profiler,  provider of  competitive analysis and data and usage analytics of ecommerce for the internet.

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